Choose your free billing software or your preferred form of billing

Sending invoices is completely free when you are using quick pay or automatic payment controls.

With outsourced payment controls, we provide our customers a worry-free claim management. 

We will send all payment reminders and recovery letters for you free of charge.

Payment controls are taken care of by debt collection office Resonia.

Read more about quick pay costs below.

Our fair and customer-oriented price list:


There's always free billing available when you set up automatic payment control for your invoices.

Email invoice 0€

Send the invoice directly to your customer via email - free of charge.

E-invoicing 0,40€/kpl

Send an electronic invoice directly to your customer in electronic form.

Paper invoice 2€/kpl

Send your invoice as a paper document directly to the customer's mailing address.

Pricing is completely transparent and “all inclusive” - it does not include hidden costs, no capacity limitations or other required software. The price list also includes unlimited use of Talousvirta mobile application. 

If you have automated payment controls, we will not charge you for checking or recovering your invoice. All costs of collection will be charged to the debtor in accordance with the costs of collection and litigation (Section 10 of the Recovery of Claims Act).

Cost of Quick Pay:

We charge a separate interest rate from the Quick Pay:

01-15 päivää:  0,95 %
16-30 päivää:  1,90 %
31-45 päivää:  2,85 %
46-60 päivää:  3,80 %
61-90 päivää:  4,75 %

Days refers to the due dates of an invoice. 

Choose the billing method that best serves your customer:

E-invoice is an inexpensive and fast way to send an invoice, which is why many companies choose it as their billing method. An electronic invoice is sent directly to the customer in an electronic form, and the recipient of the invoice does not have to enter payment information, download, print or scan the invoice separately.

Email invoice is a convenient and free way to send your invoices forward for payment. The customer receives an invoice message and a digital PDF file directly to their email.

Paper invoice is a paper invoice that we send directly to your customer's mailing address. Talousvirta takes care of your printing, envelopes, postage and mailing.