Create invoices when and where you want.

Service works online and as a mobile application and therefore invoicing is possible 24/7.

Prices of the services or products can be entered with or without taxes.

An invoice is automatically sent through us, either by mail, e-invoice or email.

Thanks to the electronic software, your documents are always available.

Billing options


There's always free billing available when you set up automatic payment control for your invoices.

E-invoicing 0,40€/kpl

Send an electronic invoice directly to your customer in electronic form.

Email invoice 0€

Send the invoice directly to your customer via email - free of charge.

Paper invoice 2€/kpl

Send your invoice as a paper document directly to the customer's mailing address.

Customer register

Product register

Customer information is automatically saved directly from the first invoice into your personal customer register, which allows you to create invoices quickly when you directly import customer information into an invoice. You can also create customers in the register, which will make invoice creation quick.

If you wish, you can create ready-made product information for your products and services directly in the product register. This will make invoicing even faster, especially if the same product or service is often invoiced. Talousvirta billing software completes the desired product information ready for your invoice.


Talousvirta billing software front page gives you a clear graph of your financial situation. Up-to-date reports tell you at a glance your key customers, your best-selling products / services, and your total sales on a monthly basis.

The software also makes it easy to retrieve documents for your accountant.

Debt collection

We provide our customers with worry-free debt collection. 

We provide the ability to transfer invoice payment controls to the collection agency when invoices are due. For our customers, this is done automatically and free of charge with automatic payment controls.

With automatic payment control, you are always able to use the billing software free of charge.

Invoicing receivables are taken care of by debt collection office Resonia which is designed to provide customers with Talousvirta billing program a trouble-free receivables control while respecting all parties to an invoice.

If you do not want payment controls on your invoice, you will need to select the "do not want payment controls" option separately, otherwise you will receive your payment quickly through us.

Quick pay

”Laskut heti rahaksi” on Rahoituspalvelu, jonka kautta saat laskun saatavien rahoituksen, jolloin Puro Finance Oy maksaa sinulle avoimet saatavasi jopa samana päivänä. Rahoituspalvelun avulla saat rahat tilillesi nopeammin, kuin asiakkaasi pystyisi sinulle maksamaan. Rahoituksen avulla parannat yrityksesi kannattavuutta ja maksuvalmiutta, kun kassankierto nopeutuu. Rahoituksen ottaminen vapauttaa yrittäjän avoimesta laskusta kokonaan, eli laskun maksumuistutukset, reskontra ja perintä jää kokonaan Talousvirta Oy:n vastuulle. 
“The service is designed especially for entrepreneurs with mixed turnover.”
  • Better liquidity
  • Comprehensive cash management
  • Low credit risk

Financial services are provided by Puro Finance Oy.