Keep your documents safe with the Talousvirta mobile app

  • Tallenna kuitit nopeasti puhelimella vain muutamalla klikkauksella

  • No more forgotten or lost documents

  • You will be able to complete your invoice details later when you have a more time

  •  The documents are always available to you and your accountant

  • Easily track your financial flow straight from the homepage
  • Downloading and using the mobile app is free

  • The application works in Finnish and English

  • Invoice anytime and anywhere

Travel and expense invoices directly from the app

Travel invoices

Automatic travel counter and Google's location service make travel invoices extremely easy to make.

Reimbursement of expenses

Create an invoice directly from the app: take a picture of the invoice and send it!

Meal Allowances

You can apply for daily allowances and meal allowances within your travel bill or separately.